Saturday, 5 January 2013

Are you a follower?

Hi guys!
Today i was wondering if you follow the blog, you know read the messagens, coment or you just visitv the blog for your needs.This is a question that i must know.


  1. Hi! In my opinion nowadays noone cares with stardoll blogs about free stuff, what's new, that's too old and people got tired of it. Nowadays only the original Stardoll blogs attract people, that "original blogs" are blogs with new ideias, original concepts, like "The Stardoll Lookbook" or "Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer" or "CHOQUE" or magazines of stardoll, and that stuff. People really enjoy that, and not the type with free stuff, new dolls, new things on stardoll, I mean who cares to see a post where it says that there's a new doll on stardoll? They can see it on Stardoll, and nowadays people don't care with free stuff, and those who care they follow like a better one like "Underneath Stardoll" and that's enough for them to see the free stuff. So if you wan't lots of fiel followers, and if you want people to like your blog, get original ideias, do something completly different, and something that noone have ever thought about! Sorry for saying all this, it's sad but TRUE. And nowadyas people care a lot about the design of the blog, so you really need to have a great, and I really mean GREAT design of the blog!