Thursday, 16 April 2015

Goodbye from Luisa.Ms

Hello sweeties!
I've recently visited this blog and I have seen MarsEspecial "goodbye" message so I thought I would do mine as well.
I am very proud that this blog received this kind of attention since it started out as small idea.
However, since 2013 I have moved on, I am currently in high school (10th grade) and I don't have time to continue this journey.Besides that, like Marsespecial said, we haven't talked  since then.
Nevertheless, stardoll played an important role on my childhood and it introduced me to the art of makeup.
On that note, I've recently started a new makeup Instagram, where you can see visually the impact that stardoll had on my makeup "skills". I really urge you to check it out. (@MakeupbyLms)
Maybe one day I will create my own makeup blog, who knows?
Kisses my dear viewers,
Luisa.Ms 💋💋💋💋

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stardoll C&T-Smoking Eyes tutorial

Hello everyone!
Did you missed me? Of course not hehehe
I know i haven't posted a lot...Sorry.Do you forgive me?Post more beast
I will try to post more :)
I made a makeup tutorial for you guys! Finally!!
Its a smoking eye makeup tutorial its a look very popular on stardoll but do you know make them well?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

"new" banner

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Hi sweeties, like my "new" banner?
gabyzinha11stardo 2 banners for me. This and the older.
Today I put links and the banner:
-click on teh star to go to my stardoll suite
-Click on the facebook icon to go to my facebook

That's all for now


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Various Dresses + a Disney T-shirt + an interior free

Hello guys!
So today i am gonna tell you step by step how to win free clothes for you.

Lets get started:

Step 1:
->Go to this proxy :

Step 2:
->(just for the disney shirt and the interior) go to and log in

->(If you want the dresses and the disney shirt and the interior) go to

Step 3:

-> Log in and you will see this page:

Step 4:

-> Answer the questions (ramdomly)

Step 5:

->Close the proxy and go to your suit.


Starstruck Dress for free

Hello dolies!
Today I bring you a sparky dress for free.
Just follow these steps:

Step 1:
-> Opent this proxy: (If you are from UK these step isn't needed)

Step 2:
->Copy this link to the proxy:

Step 3:
->Log in.

Step 4:
-> Click on there and you will go to the official site of Starstruck.

Step 5:
-> Go to your suit and open the bag.

And there you have it!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's already decide...


Do you remembre mt post talking about the new tag..It's already decide...It will be...THE REAL "WHAT NOT TO WEAR"!!
If you need help about clothes...I'm your girl.
To get help you only have to:
-Follow the blog
-Lke your facebook (click here to go there)
 AND comment this post with:
-Your facebook name (we're going to check if you follow ours facebook| if you don't have facebook write in my Guest Book plz)
-Your Stardoll name
-Why you need help

With only this steps you can be helped!!
Please entre in this "competition"


New layout+new design+new tag (competition)

Hey darlings!

If you can see blog have a new layout and ever the layout is made by Luisa and the design is made by me.

I bring another news...

Do you watch "What not to wear" in TLC??

If you do we will have the stardoll version :)

Where's the banner:

Me and de rest of the team are talking about this and soon we will bring more news about it...

What you think it will be?

A competition...?
Only a tag?
or...really "what not to wear" to help dolls to dress better??

More informations soon